There are a thousand questions in your head the moment you start planning to move to another country. How to get a permit or visa, national ID, bank account, insurances, schooling for your children, and so on. You might not know where to start or what questions to ask. Maybe you are already in Sweden but still need support. What if you could have an immigration assistant?


Are you new in Sweden or coming to Sweden?

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 How will it work? 

Our software will make it easy for you to take control over your migration process and provide you with the support and tools you need for a smooth transition to your new home country.

Your Custom Journey

Answer five questions and voila! We'll create your custom journey, where you get reminders and have complete control of your migration process.

One form to rule them all

Fill out one form for all your migration processes. No more paperwork. Just upload the supporting documents, and we'll take care of the rest!

All steps of the process

Choose what you need help with: Permits,  IDs, Insurances, Relocation, Taxes, Housing, School, Language and more. Access our partner network and take charge of your journey.

Hassle-free migration

Sit back and relax as your process flows smoothly. Who said migrating has to be stressful? Your peace of mind is our priority! Welcome to the Emigreat experience.



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